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How should we care for our sunflowers?

Cut stems at an angle when placed in water and again every few days.  The angle cut helps them take in more water.

Put stems in water as soon as possible after cutting them.  They're huge they need lots of water.

Change the water daily.  It keeps the bacteria levels low.  They will also smell better.

Remove the leaves which will be in the water.  This prevents bacteria and mold growth.

Add a crushed aspirin each time you change the water.  It helps with water uptake.

Put your flowers in the refrigerator overnight.  The cold air slows the aging process.


Do you accept credit cards?    No, to keep costs down we’re CASH only.


Are you open during the week?   No, we're a private residence and working farm which means there's often heavy equipment and machinery operating at various times on the premises.


Are you handicapped accessible?    No, we’re not.


Can we bring our strollers?    Yes, but some of the terrain is rough.


Do you provide cutters?    Yes, but we recommend you bring your own too.  They may all be loaned out when you arrive.


Why are there so many bees?    Our sunflowers and wildflowers are like a bee buffet!  You will see them everywhere working hard pollinating - no swatting please.


What other crops are grown at Valley View Acres?    Corn, soybeans and hay.


How big is the farm?    154 acres.


How many acres of sunflowers were planted in 2020?    8 acres over the course of several weeks for staggered blooming.


How many acres of wildflowers were planted in 2020?    4 acres, they will bloom all summer long.  Most of the flowers are perennials and will be back next year.


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