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Valley View Acres was originally Haines Brothers Farm founded in 1990 as a dairy farm.  Later the cows were sold and the farm was converted solely to a crop farm.  Over the years the farm has seen many changes including the addition of a bagged ice business: Valley View Ice, which services many local businesses and members of the community.


Valley View Acres started as a fun idea tossed around in a casual conversation until one day it became a reality.  In 2018, we planted a field of sunflowers as a "trial run."  The response from the community was very encouraging.  And so the concept of a multiple weekend Sunflower Festival was born.


We're passionate about agriculture and sharing it with everyone who wants to come enjoy some good ole fashioned fun.  We hope our festivals become an annual tradition for all those who attend.

Valley View Acres  |  4005 Valley View Road  |  Middletown, MD 21769

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